Dawn Reads Burt Kreischer and Guest Couple's Tea Leaves on the Travel Channel's Trip to New Orleans

Dawn reads tea leaves for the Travel Channel

On their trip to New Orleans and, Travel Channel host and travel expert Bert Kreischer and his guest couple stopped in the Bottom of the Cup to have their tea leaves read.

Among the many experiences New Orleans and Louisiana offer, having your cards or tea leaves read is always entertaing, fun and informative. Stopping by the Bottom of the Cup Tea Room is a true tradition while in New Orleans.

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A custom brought to our shores by Eastern European and Russian immigrants around the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, tea leaf reading is concerned with the “universal questions” - love, money and health. As with any reading the most important thing is what the client brings to the table. Whatever is going on with and around you and some of what is ahead for you is what usually comes up.

Using a good rapport with the client and intuitive ability the reader interprets the symbols formed by the tea

The method of use:

  1. Place loose tea in cup.
  2. Pour in ½ inch hot water
  3. Turn cup upside down on napkin
  4. Client turns cup all the way over once
  5. Client places left hand on cup (tune into the individual's vibrations)
  6. Remove napkin
  7. Turn cup three times counterclockwise
  8. Read patterns formed by grounds in cup, beginning at the handle and moving left to right.